Dental Surgery


Dental Surgery Extractions (simple or surgical) Minor surgeries Major surgeries Surgeries concerning the maxillofacial region. Treatment of TMJ and facial pain disorders. Our surgeons adjust the position of the jaw to be more functional and comfortable, or provide structure and symmetry to the appearance [...]



Orthodontics Teeth alignment is essential for a perfect Smile, Occlusion, and habit breaking actions. Orthodontics solves most of the crowding, spacing, malocclusion, bad habits that a patient might complain from. Our Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Karim Mubarak will ensure you the best possible results after his meticulous Diagnosis. [...]

Same Day Dentistry


SAME DAY RESTORATION Smile On Dental Center considers time very valuable that’s why we invested to make sure you don’t waste much time at the dentist office. Starting from our meticulous time schedule that we follow,to using the latest technologies that’s based on : Intraoral scanners: to take [...]

Veneers (Hollywood smile)


Hollywood smile Veneering your teeth is a risky step that needs a knowledgeable Operator that will be able to execute your smile to perfection. Our specialist dr Khaled El-Kordy is well known for executing flawless smiles through his conservative teeth preparations and his unique choice of [...]

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Not sure whether teeth whitening is safe or harmful for your teeth? Using Fläsh whitening kit is your first step towards a brighter Smile. Fläsh isn’t only safe,the sensitivity accompanied with it is considered much less than other products found in the market. [...]

Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy Nothing feels as painful as the Nerve involvement in severe tooth decay. The tooth may require root canal treatment to eliminate the source of infection and save the tooth from extraction. Thus,Endodontic treatment is one of the main branches in Dentirstry,that requires not only [...]

Pediatric dentistry


Pediatric dentistry It is always nerve racking thinking about your child’s first dental visit. Here in SmileOn Dental center we make sure the little ones receive a very comfortable and relaxing first dental visit up to completing all the needed dental treatments. Visit [...]

Teeth Implants


Teeth Implants Implants are considered the prime replacement for a missing tooth. Our clinic provides immediate implant placement.After Crown construction they’ll allow you to enjoy your daily activities such as eating, smiling, laughing, talking without worrying about your teeth. OTHER DEPARTMENTS Same Day DentistryVeneers [...]

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