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Dental Aligners: Brace Yourself!


Orthodontics, commonly known as braces are a method used to straighten the teeth a provide a more dazzling smile, leading to increased self-confidence; as well as a method to ease oral care, since straighter teeth are easier to clean hence decreasing the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. However, it is crucial to [...]

Dental Aligners: Brace Yourself!2022-01-17T00:27:59+02:00

Why do my gums bleed?


Bleeding gums that occur during brushing or flossing -while can be alarming- is a common occurrence; sometimes the reason for this can be as simple as brushing or flossing too hard, however, sometimes the reasons are not as simple as all that. One of the main reasons for bleeding gums is plaque, which builds up [...]

Why do my gums bleed?2022-01-07T19:05:52+02:00

Bad Breath: Causes and solutions


Bad breath can be one of the most socially embarrassing situations that one goes through. To avoid it, we need to fully understand the probable causes and appropriate remedies for it. As much as food and drink might play a role in a bad breath situation, they are not necessarily the only cause for [...]

Bad Breath: Causes and solutions2022-01-07T19:02:17+02:00
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